The Vallejo Lamplighter’s Newsletter has been established to help the rapidly growing number of neighborhood
    watch organizations in Vallejo better communicate and cooperate with each other.

    The newsletter is intended:

  • To help raise awareness among citizens about what is occurring in this community, specifically concerning
    crime trends and effective crime prevention methods.

  • To provide a central source of information and communication for neighborhood watch groups so they can
    better coordinate with each other.

  • To identify resources to help community members work in conjunction with local law enforcement to identify,
    report, help prosecute and ultimately prevent crime.

  • To inform citizens about what is occurring in local and state government that will affect their rights and the
    welfare of their communities.

  • To empower Vallejoans so they are better equipped to maintain their neighborhoods.

  • To foster a citywide spirit of community and a greater environment of trust among the citizens of Vallejo.
Our Committee Members
David Corbett
Editor In-Chief
John Allen  
Marian Swanson
Lony Meyer
Secretary, Web Design and

Kevin Y. Dixon
Committee Member

Ann Smith
Committee Member
Marilyn Golding - Committee Member
Sylvanus Burton
Committee Member
Nancy Walton - Committee Member
Gary Monk  
Committee Member
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