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    Neighborhood Watch Report: The Northwest Quadrant
    Posted by webmaster on 06/03/2011   
    The Carter-Frisbie neighborhood is bordered by Carter Street to the west, Frisbie Street (Sunrise Cemetery) to the north,
    Santa Clara Street to the east and Coghlin Street to the south. The watch group has deliberately kept the parameters small to
    enhance the closeness of the community.

    The Carter-Frisbie watch group formed in the wake of a suspected break-in during early March. It was unclear whether an actual
    burglary had occurred, and though the police did respond, the city took three days to come out and board up the house (by which
    time the neighbors had done it themselves).

    Neighborhood Watch Report: The Northwest Quadrant
    Country Club Crest
    Posted by webmaster on 06/03/2011

    Things have been fairly quiet in the northeast corner of the Crest from January through May. There have been a couple of
    incidents that required looking into, but no real issues.

    The only incident in our cul-de-sac occurred at the beginning of April at about 11:30 pm. One of the neighborhood watch
    captains was returning home from work and observed a suspicious looking young man hanging around the corner near a
    neighbor's home.

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    Neighborhood Watch Report: The Northwest Quadrant
    Santa Clara Street
    Posted by webmaster on 06/03/2011  

    We are another recently formed group, and our neighborhood adjoins the Carter-Frisbie area mentioned in this same
    issue of the Lamplighter.

    More specifically, our neighborhood includes: Santa Clara Street from Farragut to Frisbie, plus the short connecting
    blocks between Carter and Sacramento Street: Farragut 400 block, Hichborn 600 and 700 block, Coghlin 300 and 400
    block, Denio Street and the part of Frisbie not included in Carter Streets watch (nos. 122-296).

    Neighborhood Watch Report: The Southwest Quadrant
    Vallejo Annex
    Posted by webmaster on 06/03/2011

    Forging neighborhood unity has been key to the success of our neighborhood watch program. It lets outsiders know that we
    are on alert and there for each other.

    Recently there was a vacant house at the corner of Wallace Avenue and Georgia Street and drug addicts were living inside.
    They had ransacked the interior and had removed appliances, copper piping, furniture, and other items.

    Neighborhood Watch Report: Southwest Quadrant
    The Heritage District
    Posted by webmaster on 06/03/2011

    The Heritage District is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Vallejo, with a very rich history. The city’s earliest settlers—including
    General Vallejo himself—plus politicians, naval commanders and other prominent citizens have all resided here. Many of us
    take considerable pride of ownership in these historical landmarks.

    The neighborhood is bordered on the south by Curtola Boulevard, on the north by Florida Street, on the west by Sonoma
    Boulevard and on the east by the railroad tracks past Monterey Street.

    Neighborhood Watch Report: The Southeast Quadrant
    Laurel Street Neighborhood Watch 500 Block
    Posted by webmaster on 05/17/2011

    A Cautionary Tale Concerning
    Squatter Tenants — and WELLS FARGO

    The Laurel Street Neighborhood Watch 500 Block is very thankful for the recent police assistance and
    outstanding support we received from the team at Fighting Back Partnership in dealing with a problem
    concerning squatter tenants (people who surreptitiously move into and take over foreclosed properties).

    In particular, Fighting Back’s John Allen dealt with the problem tenants promptly and professionally, and
    spared us a more extended confrontation.

Vallejo Heights Neighborhood Association Improving

Last month in October together with Fighting Back Partnership,
members of the Vallejo Heights Neighborhood Association (VNHA)
participated in a clean-up event targeting litter and graffiti in
Northwest Vallejo/Vallejo Heights.  Three dumpsters were filled with
trash and one green waste dumpster was filled with weeds, and
tree/yard trimmings.

    Neighborhood Watch Report: Southwest Quadrant
    Heritage Neighborhood: A Neighborhood’s Dilemma
    Posted by webmaster on 12/08/2011

    The Problem

    What does a neighborhood do when a local business acts as a magnet for troublemakers and crime?

    Get angry?
    Hide behind locked doors?
    Ignore the situation?
    Take action?

    The Heritage Neighborhood has been dealing with such a problem for quite a while, and we’re confronting it
    head on.

    Neighborhood Watch Report: Northeast Quadrant
    Posted by webmaster on 12/08/2011

    In partnership with the Northgate Homeowners Association, the Hyde Park Board hosted its 1st Annual Block
    Party on Saturday, August 20th, 2011. The event drew a crowd of roughly 150 Hyde Park residents and visitors.
    The purpose of the event was to:

  1. Stimulate pride within our community
  2. Get-acquainted with our neighbors
  3. Celebrate the wonderful diversity that exists within our community
  4. Encourage a kid-friendly environment
  5. Promote health & environmental awareness

    Neighborhood Watch Report: Southeast Quadrant
    Maryetta Falk
    Posted by webmaster on 03/30/2012

    This week I experienced a feeling that I have never in my life had before and I have travelled abroad for almost
    50 years. Arriving back in the states this week at San Francisco airport, one terminal was shut down for several hours
    due to a bomb scare. When I drove home into Vallejo, I stopped at the intersection below my house and looked up the
    dark street before I began meandering back and forth in order to shine my headlights onto yards and then the alley way
    on the perimeter of my property. The street light had been out for over a year and I was gloomy being reminded of the
    fight with the city for the light as well as the Neighborhood Watch signs we had been trying to get put up.

    Neighborhood Watch Report: The Northwest Quadrant
    Santa Clara/Farragut Neighborhood Watch reported February 24th 2012
    Posted by webmaster on 04/01/2012

    Action or Information:

    4 locations with squatters- Reported to Code Enforcement and CORE Team.

    3 Encampments in our neighborhood; reported to Code Enforcement, they were unable to help.
    Plan to report to CORE Team.

    9 filed police reports.

    Squatters in two abandoned house reported to Code Enforcement, Fighting Back and Core Team.

    1 burglary was copper theft/foreclosed house.

    5 Assaults- Police Report,,,reported to Police/Muggers violently beat the victim, Neighbor
    approached prostitute and threatened to call the police.

    1 Arrest, no details although neighbors witnessed arrest

    6 vehicles

    3 Cars broken into - Police Report

    although gunshots are heard at least twice a month no police reports have been made that we know
    of. We have noticed less gunfire than usual since January.

    3 reported to the police

    8 locations neighbors helped clean up graffiti during October and June!

    Additional info: The attached report is for incidents reported to the Santa Clara/Farragut Ave NW from
    August to present.  On a positive note our watch signs were installed this year and last year we hosted
    several events, a great Block Party on Santa Clara St. NW Quad/Vallejo Heights Clean-up, August BBQ
    and June Neighborhood Cleanup Day.  We are also moving forward with our community garden and a
    neighborhood mural project.

    Neighborhood Watch Report: Southwest Quadrant
    Vallejo Annex reported on March 26, 2012 Report from January till March
    Posted by webmaster on 04/01/2012

    Action or Information:

    2 Identity thefts not reported to Neighborhood Watch,  but in our neighborhood.

    6 Small to large thefts around the neighborhood but not reported to the Neighborhood Watch.

    2 Burglaries around the neighborhood, not reported to Neighborhood Watch

    2 Batteries on persons in neighborhood, not reported to Neighborhood Watch

    4 Car thefts in the neighborhood, not reported to Neighborhood Watch

    1 Arrest in the 300 block of Campbell. There have been fewer prostitutes since the eviction of squatters in house on  

    1 Assault with a deadly weapon in the neighborhood, not reported to Neighborhood Watch.

    2 Acts of vandalism reported by neighbors who purchased a new home, also a theft of building materials and a fire set
      in the back yard of the same property.

    2 Foreclosed Houses with Squatters which continue to bring crime into the neighborhood. Have threatened Civil Nuisance
      Abatement and are proceeding with filing a suit.

    2 Drug dealing reported to Crime Suppression!

    Additional info: This is a report for the months from January to March in the Vallejo Annex Neighborhood Watches.  We  
    have had an increase in thefts of items from properties.  There has been more foot traffic through the neighborhoods
    from people who do not appear to be residents.

    There has been a reduction in some crime since Squatters were evicted from a property in the neighborhood. The other
    property with Squatters continues to be a crime magnet in the area where it is located.

    The local grocery store has had an increase in morning and afternoon shoplifting. The shoplifting is being carried out by
    students from Franklin Middle School. The store management and the principal, as well as the Sheriff's office have been
    working to prohibit this activity.

    Neighborhood Watch Report: Southwest Quadrant
    St Vincent Hill District reported on March 30th 2012 Report from January till March
    Posted by webmaster on 04/01/2012

    Action or Information:

    12  Muggings: 11 - 242 PC - Battery On Person: 1 - 241(B) PC - Assault on Peace Officer/Emergency

    29 Other: 29 - 459 PC - Burglary

    7 Other: 5150 WI - Mental Health Hold Disposition: Referred to Other Agency

    4 Other: 11350(A) HS - Possess Narcotic reported and 2 arrests made.

    33 Prostitution: 647(B) PC - Prostitution Disposition:2 - Arrested, 12 General Service Rendered, 18 Unable to Locate, 1
    Unfounded Civil.

    15 Vandalism: 15 Vandalism Less Than $400 - 594 (B)(2)(A)

    17 Other: 17 - 602 PC - Trespassing

    21 Theft: 1 - 470(A) PC - Forgery, 15 - 484 (A) - Petty Theft, 4 - Obtain Credit/ETC : Use Others ID - 530.5 (A) PC,
    1 Canceled.

    36 Theft of Vehicle: 10851 (A) VC -  Take Vehicle w/o owners concent.

    2 Shootings: 1 Shoot at Unoccupied Dwelling/ Vehicle/ETC,  1 Random Shooting, arrested
    Additional Information: The report above is from January 1st till March 30th